Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We're alive!

Busy but alive! In Bybee News:

25 weeks pregnant today!

We signed papers for our new house! We get the keys on the 31st, we are so excited. Bad part...we have to be out of the house we are renting on the 31st. And the 31st is a Thursday. Not exactly the best day for moving. Our current plan: Pick up Uhaul on Wednesday after work and enlist friends and family to help us load it and let it sit in our driveway over night. Take Thursday off of work. Get keys. Enlist friends and family to help us unload the trailer at new house and reload the trailer at old house. Clean old house. Go to birthing class. Sleep in new house. Take Friday off of work. Unload trailer at new house and take it back to Uhaul. Start to unpack the garage. Take all of the next week, which happens to Spring Break, to unpack, paint, and recover. Only slightly stressed.

We have birthing classes every Thursday night, we like the class...but we are exhausted by Thursday nights. And 7-915 is a little late for us!

Lucy has been going to daycare every Wednesday, I have pictures to share. She loves it and we love having her worn out for two days of the week. Plus it's good for her!

My wonderful friends threw me a surprise birthday party last Saturday night, my first surprise party every. It was perfect, I'm hoping to get pictures soon and I promise to share.

Andrew conducted his first concert of student teaching last Thursday, the 17th. It was a good concert, and it was really fun to see him conduct. His family all came up to see him, it was nice. We went to pizza before and Denny's kind of evening! Lynne & Carina are supposed to send me pictures showcasing some baby belly, I will share soon!

Packing, packing, and more packing!

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