Friday, April 22, 2011

7 months

I feel bigger than this picture

On Wednesday I was 29 weeks pregnant. I took this picture last Sunday night, by myself.  I know it's not glamorous, but maybe when Andrew sees it he can help me remember to take a better one.  We have been so busy with house stuff lately that I keep forgetting to have him take a picture.  And I would rather have unglamorous photos and some memories than no photos at all.

Generally speaking, I am doing pretty well.  I survived a move and am still managing to work with middle schoolers everyday.  Lucy might put me over the edge some days though :)

This baby moves all of the time!  While I'm walking down the hall at work, while I'm teaching, while I'm eating, while I'm sleeping.  It's movement pattern is all the time.  Which is fun, but somewhat exhausting at times.

Last week, all of the sudden I started having sciatic pain on the right side.  It wasn't fun and it made it rather difficult to walk like a normal human being.  I got two massages last week (thank you good insurance!), learned some good stretches, took a few baths, and my back/hip is back to normal.  I can feel it getting a little bit hurty when I have been doing too much during the day, but a little rest, a stretch, and a hot bag can get it feeling right again.  Glad I don't have to live with that all of the time!

I'm starting to have a very limited wardrobe.  And some of those shirts are getting tight.  The next 11 weeks could be interesting.

We have 3 weeks left of our birthing class (counting tonight).  We have started looking around for a doula, no decisions yet though!

Still trying to go on regular walks.  Thank you Andrew and Lucy for being extra motivation!  I'm not motivated to cook dinner though.  I am starving all the time, but I don't feel like cooking.

I'm starting to find things that are difficult to do because the belly gets in the way.  Like cleaning papers off the floor, or putting my shoes on. 

I'm taking A LOT of baths in our wonderful tub.  I love it!

Despite the not so fun things, I am still loving being pregnant and I can't wait to see what the next 11 weeks brings!


Doty's Little Nest said...

You look so great!! Im glad your back/hip is feeling better. That would be so hard if you had that pain all of the time. We just found our camera after not having it for 6 months so I had to get Neil to take a picture of me right away so we have at least some belly pictures of this littl one. Im so excited for you! Yay!!

The Harkers said...

You look SO cute! I think pictures never really do the "large and in charge" feeling you get justice, because it's only 2-D. I think you still look tiny and cute as always!

I had a pinched sciatic nerve for a few weeks last time I was prego, and a maternity belt helped big time! Hopefully yours stays better though! :) Sounds like you might have to start raiding Andrew's closet for some comfy clothes. We haven't picked a name yet (it's soooo hard for me!) but we've narrowed it down to 6-7. Do you have any names yet? I'm sure it's even harder when you don't know if it's a boy or girl!