Monday, April 4, 2011

In Process

Here are a few pictures of our moving process. We definitely aren't done and there will be many more pictures to come. You get to see these ones today because they were on our Canon Rebel and I bought a new, pocket size digital camera at Costco (using some of my birthday money!) and I am taking pictures using that now. These are the pictures from our big, nice camera. Enjoy!
Old house, just before friends come to help us load the Uhaul
Kitchen, before loading Uhaul.  It was the safe spot of things not to be loaded in the Uhaul.
After loading and ready for cleaning.
After loading and ready for cleaning.

The cats lost all of their "safe spots"
Me and my belly in my moving gear.
Living room, with our bed in in it on the first day after moving.
Bookshelves in the hallway made for close quarters
Andrew prepping our room and Lucy pouting about the baby gate.
Lucy, in the living room.  This was the only room in the house that she could go in, and with two walls painted...we liked her best lounging on our bed.  I can't believe I said that.
On alert for every car or person walking down the road.
Me resting while unpacking the kitchen.
Lucy loves tape.  And boxes.  And tearing them up.  It makes a big mess.

Current status:
Bedroom painted, bed up and furniture in
Bedroom closet painted and drying
3 walls of living room painted and dry, 4th wall getting the first coat as I type
1 wall of kitchen nook painted and dry, 2nd wall prepped and ready for painting
Furniture all organized and ready to be pushed back
Kitchen completely unpacked and homes found for everything

Immediate to do:
Find pegs to hold shelves on bookcases so I can unpack books
Organize the individual shelves in kitchen instead of having things shoved in
Buy lamps at IKEA tomorrow
Put shelves up in bedroom closet and finish unpacking bedroom


Wyatt said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I hate moving. I'll just have to die in this house...LOL

Wyatt's Mom

Kimball Family said...

Look's fun, except for the part about doing all of that while pregnant. You going to have everything ready for the baby's room for after the shower?

weese said...

did you move all your other animals (chickens, ducks, etc.)? How in the world did you manage it? I hated moving while pregnant, because all I could really do was pack/unpack and I felt bad for not helping more. The "nesting" reflex is nice when you're trying to unpack and decorate, though!