Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last House Pictures....for a while

It's the Sunday before we start back to our normal lives.  Spring Break is over and we will be back to 40 hour work weeks.  The house isn't perfect yet, but the rest will be pretty slow going I'm sure.  So these are the last of the moving pictures.  There are things left that we want to do to each room, and when a room is completely done (does that ever happen?), I'm sure we will post more pictures.  But for now....this is our house!

Our bedroom
From the doorway when you walk in, the front right corner of the room
From the bathroom doorway, on the left side of the room, looking to the right
From the bathroom doorway looking to the right
From my side of the bed, the back right corner
The right side of the master closet
The left side of the master closet
Things left to do:
  • Look for matching white bedside tables
  • See those cute red lamps next to our bed?  We need to get special light bulbs from IKEA for them
  • Hang some pictures on the wall
  • Red ties for the curtains on our bed
  • Did you know a king size duvet from IKEA is not the same size as most king size duvet covers?  Yeah, me neither.  So we need to figure out a fix for that.
  • Finish unpacking some of Andrew's music stuff for the rest of the shelf space
  • Hang a couple of hooks in the closet for bathrobes and favorite jackets
The kitchen
From the breakfast nook area
The counter hidden behind the fridge
  • Andrew switched the way the fridge/freezer door swing
  • The lovely racks for our pots and pans
Things left to do:
  • Get more small hooks like the ones that our mugs are hanging on...IKEA only had one set
  • A plant for the kitchen window
  • Compost setup
The second bathroom
From the doorway
Things left to do:
  • Everything....paint, some towel hooks, new towels, etc
Entryway and hallway
The front door from the doorway of the second bathroom
The hallway to the bedrooms from the doorway into the living area
Things left to do:
  • Find a small entryway table that we can put shoes on and dump things like keys and purses on top of
  • Scrub some of the stains out of the carpet that we made from all of the moving
  • Hooks for coats
  • Molding around the front door
  • Paint
Master Bathroom
From the bathtub, the right wall of the bathroom

From the bathtub, the left wall of the bathroom

The skylight above the bathtub
The bathtub
Things left to do:
  • Paint...but I have no idea what color.  Any suggestions?  It's off of our gray, red, black and white master bedroom but we kind of want something brighter....I don't know
  • Some decorations
  • Some fabric to hang over the front of the open shelves
The main living space
From the kitchen nook, looking at the left side of the room
From the hallway toward the right of the room
From the coffee table back toward the kitchen nook and entryway
The kitchen nook
The view out the sliding glass door on a stormy afternoon
And out the front window
Things left to do:
  • Hang curtains above the front window and above the kitchen window, I have them, we just need curtain rods
  • Put out small decorations
  • Take the boxes our to the garage
  • Clean all the junk of the kitchen table
  • Pictures on the wall
  • Paint boxes for records and put records out
  • Get another lamp for evening times
Don't even ask about the garages, the baby's room, or outside yet. I feel overwhelmed just thinking of those to-do lists that I just wrote! Despite all the work we have left to do, we are feeling fairly settled and are loving having our own place!


Cheris said...

What a beautiful house!! I love the wood on the ceiling. I don't think I would have ever done that but it's beautiful!! You guys have done a great job getting settled in. We've been in our place for almost 6 years not and haven't gotten as far as you have!!!

Kimball Family said...

I love it! I really like your bed frame. I think I want.

Emily said...

I love your house...especially your bedroom...and the ceiling is amazing!

Kira said...

Lauriel - this looks so gorgeous! I am so excited and happy for you guys and totally in awe of how much work you got done on the house so quickly! I moved into mine 14 months ago and haven't painted a single thing yet!! I can't wait to see it in person.