Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last Weekend

We haven't had much energy in the evenings when we get home.  But we are trying to get a lot of project work done on the weekends so that we can have things around this place somewhat in order before Baby Bybee gets here.

Last weekend, my dad and Andrew put an invisible dog fence in for Lucy.  Thank you Dad for the help, it was a big project!  She is on day 4 of training and has learned about the boundary flags, the beeping when she gets too close to the boundary, and the shock that happens if you keep going instead of turn around.  It only took 2 or 3 times on the first day of introducing the shock (or static correction as they call it) before she started booking away from the beeping whenever she heard it.  We felt terrible about the shock, but she didn't act like it hurt her, more a pinch or a startle.  It will be so nice when, in a week or two, we can let her run around the yard to get her crazies out.  When she isn't going to Daycare at Tails a Wagging, going on walks in the evenings, or being trained with her new fence, Lucy is usually soaking up sun rays in the living room.
This weekend, she also got to hang out on the deck and work on a real meat bone from the lady who boards her when we are gone. Jealous much?
On Sunday, Andrew and I cleaned out the shed. The lady who sold us the house left us all of her tools and gardening gear, which is wonderful! But it was left in a crazy mess in the shed that made you want to shut the door and walk away. So we pulled everything out, cleaned and sorted it, and added our stuff to the collection. While doing that, we found a robin's egg under one of our apple trees. Since then, we've found another one in the same area, but no sign of a nest.
In between all of the yard work, we also found some time to relax a little bit. Sunday morning we had friends over for a pancake breakfast and coffee. We got to lay around the very sunny living room, stuffing ourselves full of pancakes, drinking delicious and beautiful coffee, and enjoying good company.

Here's to new houses, sunny spring weather, and good friends!

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