Saturday, April 2, 2011

Move Update

We are in our new house and done with the old.  Thanks to many kind friends, loading the trailer on Wednesday night went fast...about an hour and half.  We even got a break in the pouring rain while we were loading.  Thursday also went smoothly with the help of my mom and brother, Andrew's parents and brother, a family friend, and 4 missionaries.  We had all of our belongings moved in and our old house cleaned by 3pm.  Thanks everyone, we really wouldn't have been able to do it alone!

Since then we have:
Gone to our birthing class
Sorted through the boxes to come up with a game plan
Figured out where furniture goes in the living room
Gone out to breakfast
Picked up Lucy at the kennel
Prepped our bedroom and put two coats of paint on it
Gone out to lunch
Picked out paint for the living room
Unpacked both bathrooms and the laundry room
Stripped the kitchen cabinets of gross contact paper and cleaned them
Unpacked about 3/4 of the kitchen gear
Prepped two walls of the living room which Andrew is currently painting

I'm taking a break and hiding from toxic paint fumes in the baby's future room while I eat lunch.  I'm feeling pretty good, I was really beat and sore yesterday night though so I'm trying to be better about resting and sitting down today.  We've been taking pictures, which I may post soon, but for now, here is a somewhat cheesey video of Lucy playing at the kennel.

We brought her to Daynakin on Wednesday before we started loading the trailer and picked her up Friday morning. She seems to be adjusting ok...but she's a little nervous and can't settle down and really sleep. She has been lying on our bed, which is on the floor in the living room, watching us paint and unpack for the last 4 hours. Sleeping for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Her eyes are looking very bloodshot and tired.

That's all I have time for, more pictures later!

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