Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Play with Me?

We stayed down at the Bybee's last weekend so that our families could throw us a baby shower (it was great, pictures coming soon!) and Andrew could go skiing with the boys.  We brought Lucy and Andrew's Uncle Dirk and Aunt Lisa brought their much more mature dog Sasha.  They had lots of rompy playing, but Lucy could never seem to get enough.  Here she is begging Sasha for more playtime.


Wyatt said...

I would play with you!! It didn't look like Sasha was buying what you where selling!


Winn said...


Winn said...

the other dogs eyes hahaha

weese said...

It looks like Barkley and Frank playing, only Barkley jumps around like a crazy dog and Barkley just stands there with the same look as Sasha (if I just sit here, will that other dog leave me alone?)
ha ha! love it!