Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 month

Sunday marked the one month anniversary of being in our new home.  We celebrated this weekend by hanging pictures and getting started on the babies room.  Pictures to come, I promise!  Looking around the house and yard, we are settling in pretty well.  Some new landmarks in the past couple of weeks:

All of the boxes that will be unpacked are unpacked.  We have a few boxes of craft and office supply stuff that aren't going anywhere for a while.

All of the rooms are painted except the bathrooms and hallway...which can wait a while longer!

Pictures are hung, amazing how much homier that makes a house.

Andrew got these record boxes painted so that they match our living room.
The invisible dog fence is in, and Lucy is trained to be outside alone (more pictures of that later this week!).

We moved the fence line slightly this weekend to make room for the garden plot our neighbor is going to till for us.

We got a riding lawn mower which Andrew has used for the first time already (pictures coming!).

I staked out the area that I am going to slowly turn into my herbs/perennial garden bed.

The cats have adjusted to being garage cats and go in and out freely. Although Abbey did spend the entire day on Sunday sitting on the roof. Whether by choice or shear stupidity, we don't know.

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