Tuesday, May 17, 2011

33 weeks

Andrew took some good photos of me and belly last Saturday evening and I thought I would share. Notice the rain in the photos? We've been getting a lot of that.


For some reason I just noticed that my due date is on a Tuesday...I've been counting it on a Wednesday all this time. So most of my dates are off. I'm 33 weeks today, not tomorrow. I'm a dork.

In me and belly news:
  • I got a hair cut about a week ago.  Very nice to take some of the uneven length off of the bottom.
  • I make funny noises getting up off the couch sometimes.  Okay, frequently.
  • My shoes are starting to feel tight, I wish I could wear flip flops all of the time.
  • I get winded easily.
  • Baby moves a lot and it's fun to push back.
  • We sanitized the jets in the bathtub so that they are clean enough to use during labor.
  • We have started working on our birth plan...which feels funny since we are on the same page as our midwives.  But I know it is for that just in case circumstance.
  • We are done with our birthing class.
  • I don't feel hungry near as much...and I can't eat a very large meal.  Snacking from here on out!
  • I've got a decent play list of music going.  Working now on eliminating songs that don't seem quite right.
  • It's amusing to watch me roll over or get out of bed.  Takes a bit of planning now.
  • I'm counting down the last 5 weeks of work.  They are going to be long.
  • We have two baby showers coming up, one on Saturday and one on Monday...I'm excited!

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Anonymous said...

You look great, Lauriel! I'm sorry to hear about the added stress of RIF, but hopefully all works out the way it is supposed to be in the end.

I'll be thinking of you as I really do know how it feels to be this pregnant and teaching full time. Hang in there and TAKE IT EASY!!