Tuesday, May 31, 2011

35 Weeks

And these pictures were just taken yesterday, so it's recent.  I am feeling like there is too much to do and not enough time left.  All of it is just little stupid stuff...but May got away from me.  And Andrew and I played all weekend, which was exactly what we needed, but now I am feeling a little behind.  So sorry if this post sounds stressy...we really are doing great!




I can't really believe that in two weeks baby can come any time!  I know the baby could come right now and no one would panic about trying to stop my labor...but in two weeks I will be in "the window" where the midwives are cleared to deliver baby Bybee here at home.  We have a little to-do list of things we want to get done before then:
  • Write thank you notes from our last two showers,  I've been terrible!
  • Pack hospital bag (just in case)
  • Go on tour of the hospital and pre-register, next Wednesday!  (again, just in case)
  • Get a mesh gate up in the car so that we can keep Lucy in the way back, behind the seat.  That way we can vacuum the backseat of the car, install the carseat, and get it checked for safety.
  • Make a good stock of muffins, I devoured all the ones in the freezer!
  • Compile directions for things like running laundry, taking care of Lucy, and things I might like to try during labor so that those supporting me have the information they need.
  • Make a few hats (Andrew) and a few more rice-heat bags (Lauriel).
  • Buy the supplies we need to get our house ready, nothing fancy...just some light shopping and organizing.

I'm still doing pretty good keeping the swelling in check.  I had a couple of days that my feet got a little puffy when the weather was really warm (ha, PNW warm!).  But I have been trying to step up my water intake and I find that helps. So do baths.  Both of those also help my calf cramps which are crazy ridiculous if I don't watch the fluids.  It's about the only thing that get me to jump out bed that quickly!  Got any suggestions for calf cramps that go up the side of your leg?  I have no idea how to stretch those out!

Sometimes I feel ravenous, other times nothing sounds good.  Cherry-coke slurpees sound good to me ALL of the time.  Not exactly the most healthy treat, so I try to keep some limits.

We have been doing pretty good at wearing me out with lots of walking or squatting working in the garden.

Still can't believe the end of this pregnancy is sneaking up so quickly, it's going by faster than I thought it would!

And if you don't think I look big, check out the difference from two weeks ago. Same shirt even, so you can't blame it on clothes.  I definitely feel bigger every day now.


Kimball Family said...

It helped my cramps to just regularly stretch the calf muscles by flexing my toes toward me/up. I've also heard that bannanas help.

Cheris said...

I was lucky and didn't have to deal with cramping but I had really bad RLS. I would eat a banana before bed and that helped. Becareful though. You'll pack on pounds doing that. They are one of the worse things you can eat before bed. Mustard is also supposed to be really good for cramping too but I couldn't get myself to take a tablespoon of mustard at night. Blech!!

You look adorable!! I can't wait to see more pictures. Everything is going to go great. Just set small goals in terms of what's most important for you. Try to accomplish one thing a day and it will come. You're just nesting and that's why you feel overwhelmed. Life is still manageable you're just a mom now and your mind and body know it.

I'm excited for you!!

Brandon & Jamie said...

Hey!! I feel terrible for not knowing you were pregnant! I went back on my blog listings and looked at your last post - from a year ago! It said you were going to be using a different blog address. I obviously didn't plug it in, so no wonder I never was notified that you updated your blog. Gee, I missed out on a lot, and scanned through several postings. Congrats on your new house! It looks great! I'm excited to hear that you are using a midwife and going natural. The Bradley method worked great for me, but I think it's great you are studying other methods. They all kind of overlap anyways. It will be the Lauriel method in the end. I didn't do a home birth, my nmidwifes only delivered at the hospital, but good luck to you! I wish you lost of success!! And I can hardly wait to read the details of your birth story. Exciting times!!!

Emily said...

Good luck! You look darling. I can't wait for you to have your little one....and I want to hear all about your home birth!

Meg said...

I had really bad cramps in my legs as well. My OBGYN told me to eat a banana and have a glass of milk before bed and it seemed to help. I'm so excited that you're going natural! I loved it and will have all my kids that way. It's a really incredible experience. Can't wait to hear about how it goes and see cute Baby Bybee!

Ashley Ann said...

We were just talking about you and baby with Lynne yesterday! I can't wait to see the little one! How exciting! You look so great! I bet your getting excited for the baby to get here! :)