Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden Plot

When we first moved in, we didn't think that we would be getting much of a garden plot in. We just didn't have the time and energy to turn over and prepare the space before it was too late for this year. Then one of our very kind neighbors offered to turn over a plot for us with his tractor. Which went much faster, only about 10 minutes! He is going to come turn it over again for us this week before we start planting. Still not sure how much we will actually get planted, but it is nice to have the space and know that we can get something in the ground this year.



Wyatt said...

That's great, sounds like you have some super neighbors :)
Happy Gardening!


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! I wish I had more of a drive to garden but I just dont. I hope you get a few good things in there. If nothing else treat the soil and it should be great for next year!!