Monday, May 16, 2011


I didn't miss too many days in between posts this time!  Recently:

I received my RIF, or reduction in force letter, from Ferndale School District.  Basically, this means that I am laid off.  There is a decent chance they will hire me back, but because the state legislature hasn't finished the budget, the district has to plan for the worst case scenario and let teachers go.  No fun, but I've known it was coming and wasn't too surprised.

We went by the Bellingham Public Market yesterday for the first time this season.  I love that place, so many good smells and homemade goods to examine.

We've been working on the baby's room, it's still not finished but I have a few update pictures to share this week.

We've been trying to get back in the habit of cooking, and are actually trying to get ahead by freezing meals and snacks so we have food ready for the arrival of baby.  I'm hoping to post some recipes this week.

I've been working on my thesis again and am really hoping to finish by late summer or early fall.  It's tedious...but good.

We had to turn in the yearly fecal test for Lucy to continue attending Doggie Daycare, and it came back that she has giardia!  Poor pup!  We had no idea!  Looking back we can see a few of the symptoms...but she seemed fine.  She is on antibiotics now, which she loves since they come to her wrapped in peanut butter.

We start a new obedience class with Lucy tomorrow night.  It will go right up until the baby is born.  We are hoping it will help us keep working with her and keep increasing her focus and obedience.

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