Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Bybee Shower

We have had some amazing baby showers and been completely pampered by friends and family. And I am way behind both on posting pictures about them and finishing our thank you cards (we ran out and I need more!). One of our fun showers was with our friends in Bellingham area! We decided to have a co-ed shower since so many of our friends were couples and then everyone could come together. We BBQ'd and ate tons of food, visited, played games and had a pinata! Here are some of the pictures taken from the day. Thank you to Laura and Vanessa for throwing the shower for us and to everyone for all of your generosity, Baby Bybee is already spoiled!
Vanessa helping Andrew get started on the pinata
He swings.
And it falls.  Sad.
He swings again....
The crowd waits with anticipation....
Still waiting....
Success!  We have candy and funny little baby dolls!
There was lots of laughing!
Us opening our awesome monster hooded towel (by the way, Lucy is terrified when ever anyone puts it on!)
We got lots of cute books and toys for Baby Bybee
Andrew really liked this homemade monkey from the farmers market....and can you see the Dr. Seuss character sitting on his lap?
So many good baby books, we will have the best read baby in town!
Our fun guest book, it was a lot of work for people to fill out but it has already brought us some good laughs!
Andrew marveling at the size of the onsies we got for our new baby
I like how happy Andrew is about every gift we opened :)
Ok, I guess I was pretty happy too!
Look at the pile of goods!
And the creepy doll from the pinata
Another creepy baby doll, on the mailbox!
Thanks again everyone, it was perfect!


Sara said...

haha! I love the doll idea!! Happy baby shower!

Cheris said...

What a fun day!!! I want to see more of that guest book!!