Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Garden

Remember what the garden looked like when we first got it set up? (Thank you wonderful neighbors!)  
We really weren't planning on getting much of a garden in this year. We were just excited to be getting some kind of start on it, and hoping to be able to plant a decent fall garden later this year. I can't say that our garden is anything to brag about, but we have made more progress than I was hoping for!
Two rows of strawberries and to the left you can see our blueberries and the few tomato plants I got from school.  The strawberries were originally in the one garden box that was here when we moved in, but Lucy decided that it was an excellent digging spot.  Despite our best efforts at instruction and training, we finally decided that the strawberries needed a new home. These are ever bearing strawberries, so I'm hoping that they will keep expanding and sending out runners until we have two, nice, thick rows of berries.  There are quite a few berries ripening, but after all of the abuse they have received the past few weeks from Lucy and then from us moving them.....we will see how many strawberries we actually get to snack on.
We also picked up some asparagus roots with our nursery gift card.  Planting asparagus roots is kind of a process as you add dirt back over the top slowly so they are always just lightly covered with dirt.  Like the blueberries, we won't get any asparagus this first year, but we are planning ahead for next year!
Our little cucumber and squash starts.
Kale and our very sad peas, we planted them too late.  Maybe we will be luckier with our fall crop!
Me, after working in the garden.  Not the best summer weather...but it was actually fairly comfortable to be working outside.
Debbie, the previous homeowner was obviously a big fan of flowers.  Every few days we got outside and find some new flower is blooming.  I think she had let them go the last few years and it is hard to tell where the grass is, where the weeds are, and where the pretty plants are.  But we are slowing tackling it.  We are working on pulling out weeds and putting in a rock barrier between the grass and the plants.  But in the meantime, it's been fun discovering the new surprises.  Lucy likes to smell them too :)




Our apples starting to grow!


Emily said...

WOW...I am so jealous of your beautiful flowers. They are amazing. I hope you are feeling okay...hang in there. You look great...loved the belly shots...and am I correct that I don't see a single stretch not fair! LOL

weese said...

Oh, I love poppies! I haven't seen that red color before, they are great! My backyard neighbor has orange ones that I want to steal, but you know how stealing is wrong and all. I do appreciate them every spring, though!