Sunday, June 5, 2011

Levi...and Taylor & Rachelle

Last Sunday night, after we got back from Ski to Sea, Rachelle, Taylor, and Levi came up for the night.  They hadn't been to our new house yet, so we had fun showing them around.  We BBQ'd, gave them the grand tour, visited the horses, and just enjoyed some time chatting. The next morning, after eating french toast (our favorite special breakfast!) the rest of my family joined us and we went to my uncle's house for lunch and to see my aunt Debbie, uncle Kirk, and cousin Lindsey with her two cute kids.  We took tons of pictures of Levi, but not many pictures of anything or anyone else!  He's so much more photogenic then the rest of us. It was great having them up, we love visitors!


_MG_1279 Smarty pants just learned to wave!




_MG_1274 Me holding Lucy back...and that's a creme soda I'm drinking :)

_MG_1273 Levi wasn't too impressed with Lucy's gentle touches.

_MG_1272 He wasn't even sure about her from a higher vantage point.  I don't know that I blame him...her head is the size of his upper body!

Such a happy boy!

_MG_1270 When he isn't worrying....

CIMG0184 He loved the fields of buttercups around our house


Levi meeting his first horse...who we think is named Apache and is very friendly.


CIMG0181 He didn't seem to understand that eyes closed and mouth open wasn't a good tactic for making large animals disappear. 

CIMG0179 Levi seems a little worried for Andrew.


CIMG0177 Maybe a smile?

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Kimball Family said...

Thanks for the good time! And for taking all of the great pictures. I'm stealing. :) It was great to see you guys!