Thursday, June 9, 2011


I was really grumpy this morning, if you don't believe me ask Andrew.  I'm starting to wake up and get better now, but I'm tired and my brain is only thinking in numbers and lists today.

0: Days Andrew has left until his final concert and end of student teaching.  Woohoo!
1: Days until we have our home visit with our midwives.
2:  Job applications that I need to fill out this weekend.
3: More Rough Around the Edges classes with Lucy.
4: Days left that I am attempting instruction.  Yes, it gets that bad at the end of the year.
5: Days until I'm ok with Baby Bybee arriving (because we could stay at home instead of having to go to the hospital).
6: Months until I HAVE to have my thesis done.
8.5:  Days left of work for me.
9:  Weeks left until I would like to have thesis done, this may be impossible.
12: Hours of sleep that I wish I was getting every night.
15: Days until my first day of summer vacation.
16: Until we celebrate Andrew's graduation with our families.
20: Pounds I've gained so far.
26: Diapers that are almost done being prewashed and ready for use.
36:  Weeks pregnant.
40: Days until Baby Bybee must be here, or we will be induced, which I want to avoid!

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