Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ski to Sea

Last Sunday morning, we headed into Bellingham to enjoy the Ski to Sea festival and crowd. From the Ski to Sea website:  The Ski to Sea Festival consists of a 100 mile relay race of seven venues encompassing seven different sports, a historical hometown parade, and other special events provide a wide variety of entertainment and adventure for all who participate. A Ski to Sea Race team consists of 8 racers (2 in the canoe leg) for the seven race legs (Cross Country Ski; Downhill Ski/Snowboard; Running; Road Bike; Canoe; Mountain Bike; Kayak). A racer can only be on one team, and only complete one leg. We also recommend a support team to carpool the team to the different race leg venues. From the top of Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay, discover Whatcom County's recreational playground and the 'Ski to Sea' Experience.  Down near the bay where we went, there is a large festival and crowd of people gathered to watch the kayakers come in.  It was a gorgeous day and we spent hours walking along the waterfront, browsing food stands, and people watching. We brought Lucy with us, she enjoyed getting to meet so many different people and see so many new things.  She hasn't been out in a large crowd much since last summer.
Lucy and Andrew looking at the waterfront in Boulevard Park.

In addition to the millions of people wanting to stop and pet Lucy, all of the kids and people in funny clothes, and food smells everywhere, Lucy got to meet another 1 year old great dane girl. They had fun playing around on leash, but we really wished there was a place where we could have let them romp hard. Sorry for all of the pictures, it was hard to choose which ones to share.






After many hours of wandering, listening to music, eating some corn on the cob and soft serve ice cream, we headed home. By the end of the day, Lucy and I were feeling about the same.

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