Wednesday, June 29, 2011


No baby yet, but we are enjoying our summer at a nice slow pace!  Andrew has been great about taking things easy with me.  I am feeling large and awkward, not up to any hiking or too full of a day, but still able to get around ok.  Since school got out last Thursday we have been:
  • sleeping in
  • eating special breakfast and drinking coffee
  • reading lots of books
  • taking long walks
  • working in the yard...but not too hard!
  • going for scooter rides and ice cream cones
  • visiting with friends and family
I have been taking lots of pictures, so keep checking back for more of our summer relaxation.  Hopefully, we will have some exciting news for you before too long!


Combitos said...

Whoa only three days until you are due! Hooray! I didn't realize you were that far. Both my girls were exactly a week early. Looking forward to seeing baby pictures! Enjoy this quiet while lasts :)

Sustainable Eats said...

Best of luck - the cutest couple will soon become the best parents ever.

xo, Annette