Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When the sun shines....

....I don't sit down in front of a computer near as much.  Which means I don't get work from work done, my thesis doesn't get worked on, and I don't write blog posts.  All I need is one rainy evening a week and I can get caught up.  Last night fit that bill, so lucky you will be getting blog posts this week.  Some things on my mind that aren't necessarily worthy of their own blog post.

We've been getting more plants in the ground, not as many as I would like, but we are making progress.  One day I will give you a photo tour of our gardening areas and our plans.

I still haven't taken pictures of the baby's room...sorry to those of you who have asked.

We are taking another obedience class with Lucy, have I already mentioned this?  It goes right up until the week before my due date, which could be interesting.  Our hope is that it will help us focus more time and attention on her so that she will be very well behaved and prepared when baby Bybee arrives.  Ha, right?

I haven't gotten a ticket or in an accident since high school (I think) which is almost 10 years ago.  In the past month I've been pulled over twice, and given warnings and let go both times.  Once for talking on my cell phone (last night...I know I'm bad) and once for going 25 in a 20 (going 20 is hard!).  This pregnancy may be working to my advantage.

Last night, Andrew was gone and I was dreading taking Lucy to her class alone.  But I did it.  Only to realize, after the 30 minute drive, that class was canceled.  And our teacher reminded us last week, and Andrew and I talked about it last week, thinking it was good because he couldn't come.  Brain fail and waste of 1 hr of my night.

Where did May go?

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