Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work Baby Shower

Yes, these pictures are very, very old. My work shower was on the 23rd of May, over a month ago! But we were so spoiled that I feel like I need to mention it and share the few pictures I have, even if it is old news at this point. We had so many people pitch to buy us gifts! In addition to some of the lovely homemade quilts that you saw hanging in the baby's room, we got our car seat, 15 cloth diapers (the fancy bumgenius all-in-ones, not cheap!), a jumperoo, the awesome diaper bag we wanted, and lots of books, outfits, blankets, nursing gear, and small toys.  I can't believe how amazing people have been!
Some of the lovely ladies that I work with.

Can you believe this cake?  It fits perfectly with our theme and it tasted amazing too!

Me with my fancy cake!

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