Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rough Around the Edges

Lucy graduated from the Rough Around the Edges class at Tails-a-Wagging! We went to all of the classes but a make-up class that we had scheduled for the Wednesday after Scout was born. Lucy did really great in class, it was very worth it. I can't say that she learned any new commands, but her focus is better, she is more likely to obey, and she actually comes when you call her some of the time now! We need to work on that in big off-leash areas....
From her last day of class

With her prize for graduating

For those of you who have asked, Lucy is doing great with Scout. She is interested in Scout, but is very gentle and just wants to sniff. Lucy has been very good about "leaving it" when we ask, and when Scout it sleeping, Lucy pretty much ignores her.  Also, Lucy doesn't seem jealous of Scout at all, if anything a little more exhausted than usual at all of the excitement and commotion of people visiting and us being home all of the time.  I will post some pictures of Scout and Lucy interacting later!

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