Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scout's First Bath

Scout had her first bath at the hospital. Which was nice for us because our kind nurse was able to give us a few tips on bathing babies!
Even with how gentle they are, Scout was none too happy about it!
She wasn't even impressed after we spiked her hair!
But she recovered quickly under their warm lights
And was soon dressed and getting ready to come home...look how big the newborn clothes are on her!


Emily said...

She is so darling. I LOVE all that hair. I am so happy for you guys. COngrats!

Ginger Doty said...

Scout is the darlingest girl ever. Love all the hair. Can hardly wait to see her and hold her. Know you two will be the best parents ever. Love you sooo much!
Granny & Poppy gldoty1@juno.com