Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We have an announcement to make!

Isla (s is silent, pronounced like ila) Scout (did you read to kill a mockingbird?) Bybee, was born Sunday morning at 8:15 am, weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was almost 20 inches long.

Scout looks just like herself-at the conclusion of the whole 4 days of her life, we don't see anyone particular in her yet. She is calm, happy to be here, a good nurser, and so sweet. She arrived after an extremely long and difficult labor, something along the hours of 36 total, with 20 or so of hard labor. Although nothing went like planned, Mom and Baby both healthy and here and are healing well, we had excellent care and support both from our midwives at home and from the staff at St. Joseph's hospital. We are very happy and feel very loved!

Scout has a full head of golden strawberry blond hair. She is fair with blue eyes. I attached a picture of myself at 3 months, Scout's hair is not that orangey at this point, but the hair does resemble mine!

We are all so happy to have her here! Eventually I will post a better birth story, feel free to shoot questions this way! I'm not promising to be great about blogging, but I will try to keep posting a mix of posts I have finished and new pictures of Scout as I get them on the computer.

Scout & I at the hospital
Scout's first day home
Scout's hair
More Scout
Scout sucking on her lip
A1Lauriel  3 mos  1983
Lauriel at 3 months


Kimball Family said...

We're so glad she made it! Can't wait to meet her!

Angie said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations! Just curious, why are you calling her by her middle name, as opposed to just naming her "Scout Isla"? I have a niece, Isla, by the way. :o)

Kate said...

YAYAYYAYAYY!!!!! Congratulations!!!! How wonderful and what a beautiful name and full head of hair! :)

weese said...

She does look an awful lot like your baby picture! Super cute! Congrats!

Jordan said...

Thanks for the update. You guys look beautiful. Again, so glad you two are doing well! And Andrew of course. xoxo

Combitos said...

She's just gorgeous! Congratulations and so happy to hear she made it safe and sound after such a hard labor. Good work mama! p.s. Is that a Woombie I see? My Nori LOVED hers and then I think Levi wore a borrowed pink one for a couple months ;) Get as much rest as you can and enjoy her newness while it lasts... they get big so quick!

Amanda said...

She is precious! I in great anticipation to hear her birth story, it sounds like an eventful one! Sleep as much as you can, and I won't call and bug you, but if you get a few minutes and want to chat, I'm available!!

Sara said...

She is beautiful! Congrats!! I LOVE the hair! Glad to hear the news!!

Cheris said...

She is beautiful!! I hope you're doing well and I can't wait to hear more about how everything is going. I want to hear how it felt when you found out she was a girl. It is SOOO exciting that you waited on your first one. I think that's so brave!!!

Hope you're doing well and healing great. Congrats and great job!! It's amazing how they change your life, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hoooray!!! You did it!! I'm sorry to hear that the labor was so long and difficult. Don't be like me and feel guilty about things not working out the way you planned. My home water birth didn't happen with Hadley either. It was hard for me to get over that. Eventually I realized that everything went the way it was supposed to go and I was thankful she was here and we were both okay.

Hopefully you are getting lots of rest and enjoying every minute with little Scout(cute name!). I love her strawberry blond hair.

Happy, Happy!! Enjoy your summer with Andrew and Scout. There's nothing else more important in the whole wide world.

Brandon & Jamie said...

Congratulations!!! What exciting times! Her hair is amazing! What a beautiful little girl! I'm anxious to read your birth story...details soon please!