Sunday, August 14, 2011

50 Years

On July 23rd, we took Scout for her first road trip and overnight stay away from and headed down to Portland. It was a very special occasion, a 50th wedding anniversary party for my Granny and Poppy! Such a big milestone! They were missing one of their kids and three of their grandkids, but they got all five of their great-grandkids there. It was so good to see everyone, although it was way too short.  I miss the days when we all had time to spend multiple days together, instead of these quick evenings for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary.  Maybe soon we can plan something just for fun.

A family friend came to take some "good" pictures of the family, but I find our candid, snapped photos fairly amusing so you will get a post of each. Scout did great on the car ride, slept for long stretches and woke up just to eat. She was pretty fussy Saturday evening after being held a lot and not getting good sleep, but my mom was amazing and held her forever. Sunday she was great while we went to church with my grandparents, drove home, and stopped for a quick visit at the Bybees. Hopefully, we can raise a daughter who loves road trips!
My cousin Nicole's little girl Manu
Isn't her outfit amazing?  Manu is half Tongan-so it's authentic!
From the left going around: Alec, Chris, Nate, Caity, and Cheri Kay
Rachelle & Levi
Levi playing in water buckets
My cousin Kourtney
Scout meeting Granny
Trying to get all the grandkids and great-grandkids in a picture...notice that Scout is missing?  Yeah, she was screaming like we were torturing her.  So my dad whisked her away until I could come and feed her.
What most of the pictures of the group ended up like!
Rachelle, Taylor, & Levi
Granny & Poppy with 4 of their 5 great grandkids: Scout, Manu, Nolan, and Clint.  Can you tell it is past bedtime?
Me, Andrew, and Scout...before she started screaming
Another attempt at the great be honest, I'm not sure we ever successfully got a good one!

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