Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Compost Bins

Would you believe me if I told you that we have had a life beyond taking care of Scout and writing my thesis for the past month? Ok, well I haven't. But Andrew has been amazingly productive. We have been missing our compost pile since we moved, but Andrew has remedied that! He started building this the day I went into labor and he finished them a week or two later. (Yeah and I'm just now posting!) We have yet to sort through the previous homeowners yard waste heap, but I'm hoping we can get to that now that I'm done living in front of a computer. We built it big to accomodate all of our kitchen scraps and our yard waste. I love the idea of having three piles, one with finished compost we are using, one that is in process, and one that that we are adding to. Seems so neat and organized!

The first picture is the previous homeowner's yard waste pile that we need to sort through...the rest of them will be where all that junk goes!



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