Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family-Ocean Shores pt. 3

Even with nothing adventurous happens, being with family is always good.  Some of the best memories are created just from sitting around, visiting, and getting to know each other! 
No more bellies, now we have babies!
Andrew Carina & babies
Andrew and Carina with their babies
Dads and babies
The new dads in their matching Ergo carriers
Knitting Andrew
Andrew knitting, and using his beard to hold his knitting needles
Grandpa & Harper
Grandpa, also known as the baby whisperer, holding Harper
Tyler and Scout
Scout getting to know Uncle Tyler
Harper & Matt
Harper and Matthew
Grandpa Bybee and Scout
Enjoying the front porch
Family photo on the dock


Anonymous said...

The DPN in the beard? Priceless. I wish I had an insta holder!!!

You guys are rockin' life hardcore these days. Congrats on completing degrees, having a baby, celebrating 7 years and a return to a new school year. I hope the year brings you some serious joy amongst the busy.

Love to you both(ALL!),

Anonymous said...

Oh...and the house..congrats on your first house! I can't believe the year you've had!!