Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lucy at Priest-Priest Lake pt. 3

Lucy surveying her domain

Getting to Priest Lake is a little bit of an ordeal. I think it would normally be an 8-9 hour drive from Bellingham, but I'm not sure. Driving there with a 5 week old baby and a Great Dane in VW golf makes it a little more interesting. Scout did great, we pretty much only stopped every 2.5-3 hours for her to eat and get her diaper changed. Lucy, on the other hand, had a few problems on the ride over. We were taking scenic routes which had a lot of very curvy roads. And she rides in the far back on a dog bed. The curvy roads, the lack of space, and the sun coming through the window started to make her go crazy. She started trying to climb over the seats, onto her stuff and Scout. She wasn't listening at all and seemed very crazed. We had a few frantic moments where I was pushing Lucy back so she wouldn't squish Scout (as best as I can, she's big!) and Andrew was pulling over as fast as he could. After a while, we readjusted so I was sitting next to Scout to protect her. We also turned the air conditioning up full blast so that Andrew and I were freezing. With that arrangement, we made it to Priest, even though it took us 12 hours. Photobucket
Lucy lounging on the beach

Because the ride over was so difficult, we decided just to go Renton on our way back and stay with Andrew's parents. It's a much straighter road and it would be a shorter ride. We hoped we could keep Lucy from going crazy. We also got smart and moved her space out of the hatchback and up right next to Scout and right behind us. She did much better there and we didn't have any problems on the way back. Way more enjoyable and much safer for Scout!
Even Lucy's get tired after too much fun

Despite the long and terrible car ride, Lucy definitely thought the trip was fun. Having your people spend all day with you outside is great fun!  She stayed out on the island and camped with my family so she didn't have to ride the boat back and forth everyday with us. Every night she slept in her portable crate in a tent with my sister Emma and her friend. She spent her days harassing Orion, begging food, laying on her bed surveying her domain, and learning how to swim!  Not just wade and play in the water like she used to, but actually swim.  It took her a few days of panicking and splashing around, then suddenly it just clicked for her and she did great.  Check out the video of her below to see! Despite the differences in their age, Lucy and Orion seem to tolerate each other pretty well. They would have crazy dog play a few times during the day, until Orion would wear out and would have to tell Lucy to knock it off. His biggest complaint seemed to be her bouncing all over him. We were taking to calling her Tigger because she was so "Bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun" when they would get going. He also didn't like if she tried to squeeze in on his food begging.  Other than that, they pretty much wandered around and lounged together. Photobucket
Orion trying to take over the baby's sun tent. The beach gets hot for snow dogs! Photobucket
Lucy cuddling on Andrew's lap around the campfire...she wasn't a fan of the dark! Most nights she would beg to go to bed in her crate around dusk!

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