Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

Here are the last of the pictures (that I know about) from the first three days of Scout's life.

Posting these pictures brought two thoughts to mind:

First, doesn't it always amaze you how long it can take to round up all of the pictures from an event? With everyone having digital cameras, there is a lot of picture snapping going on.  Which is great, because there is a good chance someone got some decent pictures from the occasion.  But it always amazes me how photos keep trickling in and take me forever to get them downloaded from email, uploaded to flickr, sorted and posted.

Second, and I'm sure this is every new mother's thought, she sure has changed! She looks so tiny and scrawny in these pictures.  I'm used to her now with her chubby thighs and goofy faces all of the time!  I'll make sure and get some more recent photos up when we get back from Priest Lake!
One day old
Loving her Daddy

Getting to know Grandpa Bybee

Trying to open her eyes and see the world...it's tough work

All snugged up

This is one of my favorites

Her arms look so small here

Sleeping on Grandma Bybee's lap...and sneaking those toes out.

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