Saturday, August 20, 2011

Priest Lake pt.1

Priest Lake is one of our favorite places in the world.  We mostly just sit on the beach, eat, talk, and stare at the water and the gorgeous scenery.  I wish it wasn't so far away so that we could go more often.  Because I love that place so much, you are going to get lots of different posts.  That way I don't bore you to death and you might actually read everything I write :)  Because I'm doing this in no particular order, and the pictures have yet to trickle in from all of the cameras, I can't guarantee that the photos match the stories!
Diablo Lake, taken on our drive over
The viewpoint from Diablo Lake, taken on our way over
Usually when we go to Priest Lake, my family camps on the islands in the middle of the lake.  It's pretty rustic camping, usually there is a vault toilet within walking distance.  Other than that you get a few picnic tables and a fire pit and no neighbors.  Everything else we bring in with the boat.  This year, when Andrew and I were making plans to commit to the trip, we had no idea what life would be like at the beginning of August.  We could have had a three week old baby and I could still be healing.  Having no idea what we would feel like, Andrew and I decided we couldn't commit to 10 days of rustic camping.  In order to convince us to commit, my parents were kind enough to rent a condo on the mainland for us to stay in while they camped out on the islands with everyone else.
Scout in her life jacket.
Yes she is sucking on it.  Gross huh?  But how do you stop it?
Even though we probably could have camped because Scout is doing great and I am all healed, we loved having the condo.  It made it much easier for us to sleep at night and to get up and feed her in the middle of the night.  I didn't have to worry about her crying or being cold, nursing in the dark, changing her diaper in the dark tent, or having to go to the bathroom every she woke up.  We were also able to bring her cloth diapers and run laundry when we needed to.  Every morning, between 7 and 9 am, my dad would come pick us up in the boat and bring us back to island where we spent the day with everyone else.  After dark, sometime between 9 and 11 pm, he would drive us back to the condo.  Scout did great on the boat ride, usually falling right to sleep.  The moonlit rides every night were very pretty!  Thank you Dad for being our chauffeur!
Taking a nap on the table
Scout sleeping in her awesome Pea Pod (a little portable tent).  This is what we aimed for all naps, didn't always happen though :)

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