Saturday, August 27, 2011

These Things We Do-Priest Lake pt. 4

You might wonder what we do to occupy our time while we are camping for so long.  Really, it's simple: 
We eat, way too much!
We relax on the beach
We ski, wakeboard, and tube
We play card games
We have campfires
We play "Would you rather..."
We eat s'mores
We watch the dogs go crazy
We play with Scout and Levi
We talk about how nice it would be to have evening sun
We float on the intertubes
We hit rock with sticks...yeah I don't get that one
We go to the marina to get gas....and ice cream
We sail
We putter with little yellow Evinrude that hasn't worked for the past two years

Ready for the proof?
A little video footage of Andrew skiing

Andrew enjoying the acceleration....I don't like that part of slalom skiing
Levi enjoying eating
How many people can you fit on two tubes?
Levi enjoying a sucker
Levi enjoying the sand toys in the safety of the baby tent
Taylor getting ready to hit some rocks
Don't believe me? Watch this video. See the fun that you can have at the lake? Photobucket
Soaking up some morning sun
And some afternoon sun
Rachelle, Levi, and I going for a float
Maybe it's silly to take video of two teenagers playing cards. But it makes me smile to watch it. And, not to get sentimental but I wish I had more video footage of Josh doing the little things like this. So enjoy my goofy brother in his game of speed.

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