Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I haven’t written a blog post, and posted it that same day, in quite some time. Today, though, we are driving to Portand and I promised myself I would take a few minutes to get out the laptop and write a current update. A lot has happened in the past few weeks:

Scout is over six weeks old! It’s hard to believe she’s that old already. She is changing so quickly, especially these last few weeks. We’ve been taking pictures and video, so you will get to see and hear more about her in the coming days.

I have pretty much finished my thesis. By that I mean that it is written and revised and just has some last formatting and editing to take care of. I am officially graduating with my Master’s this quarter, woohoo! It has been a long time coming. The last few weeks of cramming writing in have not been fun for either Andrew or I, but it will be well worth it. I am very glad to have it behind me!

Also, on that note, I will be teaching a class up at Western this next year. During Fall quarter, I am co-teaching it with one of my old professors. Then Winter and Spring I will be on my own. It is only one night a week, so I am hoping we can handle it, the extra money will definitely be appreciated!

We have been to Priest Lake, loved it, and just got back on Monday. It was a perfect trip and I have lots to say about it and lots of pictures to share. Scout did great on the long car, Lucy managed once we got her situated, and we all agreed that any hassle we had getting there and back was well worth the week of relaxing.

My Poppy (my mom’s dad) has been in the hospital for the last few weeks and will be there for a few more. He has been having more heart trouble, was admitted to the hospital, got a staph infection, which then caused even more heart trouble. For a few days, we were very worried that we would lose him. He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but it looks like he will make it. We are on our way down right now to visit him.

Tomorrow, after we visit Poppy and Granny, we are heading up to Ocean Shores to spend a long weekend with Andrew’s family. It will be our last vacation of the summer and we are definitely looking forward to it. It will be nice to get to spend some quality time visiting and relaxing. We should get some good pictures of Scout and Harper together!

When we get back from Ocean Shores, Andrew and I are looking forward to spending our last few weeks of summer at home together. We are hoping to get some yard work in, do some berry picking, and maybe even some canning before I have to go back to work on the 7th of September. We are always overly ambitious with our to-do list, so we will see what we get in. I have tons of posts started and scheduled, hope you enjoy them until I have time to update again!

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