Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Another post from me, posted the same day I wrote it, are you surprised?  I'm aiming for one a week, think I can do it?

Ocean shores was perfect, just how we wanted to end our summer.  Today we are home from all of our vacations, have cleaned up and settled in, and are enjoying our last few weeks together at home. We are having some friends over to BBQ for lunch which will be great.  I feel like we have been so busy with Scout and vacations that we haven't seen our friends nearly enough this summer. Vacations are amazing, we loved all of them, but we also like being home. Maybe that's the point of vacations?

We are working on teaching Scout to sleep, we've been using this book which I really like so far.  No more sleeping in our arms or in our bed, she's a crib only girl now.  She is doing great at night, getting up only once or twice in 12-14 hours and going right back to sleep after.  She is still struggling with going down for naps, but that's pretty normal for her age.  I have to say, it has already made her a much happier baby, even if she doesn't nap much during the day.  She is just happier to be around us!

Annoying me today, technical difficulties.  For some reason all the blog posts that went up while we were on vacation didn't get posted to facebook.  So if you only read these through facebook, you missed about 2 weeks of posts and you will have to look at the full blog to see them all.  What annoys me is I have no idea why it happened and it fixed itself yesterday.  Weird.

I also need to take down pregnancy counter and put up an age counter for Scout and fix some pictures that had failed links.  And my google reader isn't updating my new subscriptions to my mobile version.  Cleanup.  Maybe I will get to all that, maybe I won't.

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