Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grandpa Ward's Birthday Weekend

The weekend of my dad's birthday, August 26th-28th, we got to spend a little bit of unexpected time with my family. Alec had a soccer tournament here in Bellingham, so after his game on Friday he came and stayed the night at our house. It was a lot of fun to have him! We BBQ'd, him and Andrew built a slip'n'slide, we watched Anchorman and ate tons of popcorn, and then had pancakes for breakfast before taking him to his Saturday morning game. Here are a few pictures from the slip'n'slide adventures.
And a short video clip demonstrating all of the fun you can have with black plastic and some water
Unfortunately, it was very hot that weekend and we didn't think that we could submit Scout to sitting out in the sun in the middle of day to watch Alec's games.  My parents and Emma came up to see Alec's games and in between games we were all able to meet up go out to lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday.
Alec had a late game that evening after Scout's bedtime. We decided to put her in the stroller and see if she would sleep while we watched the game. She slept through three fourths of the game and when she woke up she was confused but not too unhappy. We were glad that we were able to go and see him play! As you can tell from the pictures, she is the focus almost the entire time the camera is out!
It was a fun weekend and we were so glad that we got to see my family and wish my dad a Happy Birthday in person!

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