Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puyallup Fair 2009

Trying to finish up my scrapbooking from 2009, so you might see some old photos as I finish up pages! Check out the creepy doll pictures that Andrew took!
P.S. A few of you have asked, I use Polaroid's My Memories Suite to do my digital scrapbooking. It works on Macs or PCs, and I like it pretty well. My only complaint is the program works kind of slow. Other than that I love it! You can make pages fancy with lots of embellishments or just really simple, and focused on the pictures (that's how I like it!). Another nice feature is that you can export pages from the scrapbook. For example, you can export pages to jpg images to get them printed (easy to do a collage or cards or something that way!) or to a slideshow. There are a few other options too but I never use them and can't remember what they are. You can add music to the slideshows too!

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