Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scout's First Babysitting Adventure

Our good friends Maggie and Mary were willing victims for Scout's first babysitting adventure.  They seemed to be pretty happy with their adventure, but I have no idea why. Scout peed on them, had two messy diapers, drank twice as much as normal, and whined the entire two and half hours they had her.  She is definitely not a fan of people she doesn't know.  They must be crazy because they think they want to do it again!  We very much appreciated it and would be happy to loan our baby out anytime!  Here are a few tips from Mary and Maggie!

Dos and Don'ts While Bybyeesitting:

Do "swoosh" her around quickly while she's crying; she likes it and calms down (watch out, I think you've got a daredevil on your hands!)
Don't spin her around as fast as humanly possible like Andrew did. It scares the poop out of her.

Do feed her when she starts grabbing at woman parts.
Don't take away her bottle. Ever.

Do take lots of pictures, because she's really stinkin cute - even when she's mad!
Don't make her laugh or smile while she's eating. Even if she does, and there's milk leaking everywhere, see previous "don't."

Do put her in her stroller when she's upset and just start walking. She'll fall asleep the second she feels the stroller move, no joke.
Don't stop walking with the stroller, even if that means you're just moving it back and forth in the confined space of your living room because it started raining outside.

Do take her outside when she's crying, it calms her down.
Don't introduce her to the nice neighbors while you're outside. She'll immediately start to cry again and they'll think you're a terrible babysitter.

Do make sure you keep her covered while you're changing her diaper - even though she "pees like a girl" she has good trajectory!
Don't take it personally if she cries the whole time and pees on you while you're changing her. It just means she doesn't like you.

Lastly, do tell Lauriel and Andrew that you want to Bybeesit again because it's a lot of fun! (You know, minus the crying and the pooping.)


Winn said...

Im so jealous, did Mary or Maggie get peed on?

Robin said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post. Thanks for sharing!