Monday, September 12, 2011


Yes you read that right and it's my own invention.  Exercising is work but it can be fun.  Exercising when you have taken some time off and are out of shape is just work.  Exercising when you have taken some time, are out of shape, and have recently had a baby, it just sucks.  There's no other way to describe it.

Out of pure luck, I lost all of the baby weight I gained within a few weeks of having Scout.  Which I am very, very grateful for.  I know I am extremely lucky, because I didn't do anything special to make that happen.  Despite having lost the extra weight I was carrying, my body doesn't feel good.  I'm out of shape and I have weird aches and pains.  I don't feel strong.  So I've been trying to get back into a good exercise routine.

Carina and I are planning on doing a half marathon next June (it's public so now you are committed Carina!) but I'm nowhere near ready to start a half marathon training.  So I've been trying to walk 2 miles most days and jog a little bit on some of those walks. I'm starting this "Couch to 5k" training program that helped me get in an exercise routine before.  It's a nice slow way to work back into running without killing your body and working up to it gradually.  I know what I'm going through is normal and I'm not worried about it.  It's just not fun.

Probably not surprising to any of you who know me, I've figured out a way to multitask while exercising.  I call it scoutsercising. And no, it's not just pushing Scout in the Bob while running/walking/jogging, although we do that too.  Scout and I have a little 15-20 minute routine we do once a day.  She loves it and I get in a little bit more of a workout.  She thinks we are playing but it's hard work!

It's not exactly the same every day, but a typical scoutsercise routine might go something like this:
  • I hold her close to my chest and do lunges the length of our house and back (we have a small house, don't be too impressed!)
  • I lay her on the floor and do 10 push ups over the top of her (this makes her laugh and coo ridiculously)
  • Go to one side of her and do sit ups (she rolls on her side to look at me), then back to push ups before going to the other side of her for more sit ups
  • Leg lifts while on hands and knees over her, then leg lifts on my side, while lying on either side of Scout
  • More lunges
  • Wallsit while bouncing her on my knees...this doesn't last long!
  • Hold her straight out from me and lift her up and down
  • I lay on my back and hold her in front of me while doing crunches
  • Repeat whatever part of that routine I can handle
I'll let you know in about 6 weeks if I feel any stronger.  If I don't, well, at least I got in some good playing with Scout right?

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Anonymous said...

Here's the thing: I lost my baby weight really, really fast as well. It's breastfeeding, and it's an awesome benefit. The problem for me ended up being that I thought "awesome"!! I lost all that weight and I didn't even have to work out. And then I didn't work out for a year and as soon as I weened...BOOM!!! Baby got back. Don't give up on those work outs. Even if you don't have time to train for a half...keep doing what you are doing or you will be like me and feel very, very out of shape and sad. You are smarter than I was. I love the scoutersize routine!!!

And I want that sandwich bread recipe, Andrew. Cough it up!!