Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm writing this post from my little closet at work, while I pump.  Pumping is my time right? And yes I am officially back to work.  I have to admit that there were a few tears this morning as I thought about doing this all year.  I love my job, I just hate the idea of leaving Andrew & Scout all day.

I'm feeling random and like I woke up too early and there are too many kids and schedules to keep track off.  So you get a list: 
  • Scout survived being babysat.  I don't think she was very friendly and happy to our sweet friends, but they survived and even sounded willing to do it again.
  • I got my hair cut yesterday!  Nothing too new, just a trim and clean up.  I always forget how good a new haircut feels!
  • Andrew's been working on scheduling trumpet lessons, looks like he will be teaching Tuesday and Thursday evenings and maybe Saturday mornings.  Know anyone who needs trumpet lessons?
  • We picked blueberries and blackberries this week.  Our food harvesting and preserving has slowed way down this year (I'm blaming it on Scout!) so it was nice to get some more berries back in the freezer.
  • Our garden hasn't been amazing this year (blaming this one on Scout and on a new house!) but we have been getting some squashes, strawberries, and tomatoes.  And it looks like our asparagus and blueberries will do well next year.  Our neighbors on the other hand, they all have gorgeous overflowing gardens.  They have been very generous in sharing so we haven't felt like we missed out on garden fresh produce too much!
  • Wish me luck in surviving the first week of full time work!

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