Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yep, it's been a week already since the last time that I sat down to write a post and then shared it on the day.  Blogging is definitely stolen time right now.  With a baby and a husband I want to spend time with, a full time job, and a second job starting soon, blogging is not my top priority.  It has to be done in small chunks here and there while I pump, or while Andrew is practicing after Scout goes to bed.  Rarely do I have time to do a post completely in one sitting.  Pictures usually happen all at once for several posts and then I spend little bits of time here and there doing the actual writing.  For the most part, it works fairly well.  But since this is my only form of journalling, once a week I want to keep track of the current news in our life.

We survived the first week of me being back at work full time and I think we are all starting to get into a little bit of a routine!

This past weekend was spent mostly with family, which was wonderful and relaxing.  We spent Saturday evening and night with my family and then Sunday with Andrew's family celebrating Carina's birthday.  Scout did much better with visiting and traveling, we've realized that we just need to keep up with giving her naps so she doesn't get to overwhelmed.  It was nice to get to spend time with our families, I am so grateful that we get to live close and have good relationships with them!

Speaking of Scout and sleeping, she has been doing wonderfully.  Except for last night when she got up at midnight, two, and four.  Not too terrible, but it didn't feel great when I have to get up at five.  Hopefully this isn't her new routine.

We got our heat ducts cleaned yesterday.  And by we, I mean that Andrew was home when they came.  Seems like a very official homeowner thing to have to do.

I have a coupon for half off a photobook from Shutterfly and I'm hoping to finish our 2009 scrapbook in time.  Not sure that it will happen but I am really close!

Andrew started making sandwich bread yesterday, his first three loaves turned out gorgeously!  I'm eating it plain right now for lunch!

Check out the toys on this website,  All toys by B. toys.  I love them all!

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