Friday, September 30, 2011


Since Scout isn't really in the business of playing with many toys yet, and we haven't really bought many toys, I might be a little bit idealistic about my standards.  I know that they might change, but for right now, I'm pretty picky.  We don't have a lot of space, so we can't afford to fill up our house with lots of junky toys that won't interest Scout for long.  I want toys that Scout will come back to over and over again.  I also don't like waste, so I want the toys to be high quality and last a long time.  Lastly, I want the toys we buy to force her to use her imagination, be creative, be physically active, or push her thinking in some way.  I like looking at kids toys and thinking about what I like and don't like about them.  I found this site, and I really like the look of all of the toys on here, the site is called All toys by B. toys.  They sell them at Target, we purchased the toy below online for Levi for his first birthday.

What I like at first glance: 
All of the toys are brightly colored and attractive looking.  They are all interactive in someway, you can't just turn them on and be an idle watcher, you have to participate.  Even though you have to interact, the younger toys are very easy to work.  For example, this fire engine has flashing lights, makes noise, and "drives" for about 10 seconds when you press the driver down.  You can also move the ladder up and down and pull out the water hose.  I like that the noises that all of the toys make are realistic noises that a kid could recognize later.

We will have to ask Levi in a few months and see what he thinks, but for now I'm book marking these toys for future reference!

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Kimball Family said...

So far its a go. The first few times the truck started going on its own he ran to me scared, but he likes it now. Though he can't get the hang of pushing the driver down so he brings it to me every two minutes and makes me do it.