Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Upside

Having to go back to work stinks. I love my job and I love having summers off and all of the perks that come with being a teacher. But isn't there a way that no one would have to go into work and we could all just stay home and be together? Fortunately, we are lucky enough that we don't have to take Scout to outside child care. Andrew is able to stay home with her during the day. Which is fun for them and sad for me. Luckily, there are a few upsides. Like the fact that he makes me coffee and breakfast every morning, cleans the house, makes dinner every night, and tries to do everything he can to share Scout with me during the day. Last week they came in and had lunch with me one day. I did more baby playing than eating :)

Another day, I got this fun text:
"Scout wanted me to send you this and tell you she likes baths now."

Another day, I got this one. It was taken after she had a hard time falling asleep for her nap and Andrew decided to try a walk.

Then last Friday, I opened my email to these wonderful pictures. I love them!


Cheris said...

She is adorable!! Yay for Andrew for taking so many pictures for you!! When I had to go back to work after Riann I was so grateful that Paul took so many pictures and videos. She sure is cute!!!

Kimball Family said...

Hehe I think Levi needs to work on his hair growing. Scout has quite the hair do already! Can't wait to see her in a week. And you guys too. :)

Winn said...

She's so beautiful :)

The Harkers said...

What a sweet hubby! WOW I can't believe how red her hair is!! I'm sure you hear that all the time. It will be fun to see if it stays that way or gets strawberry blonde like yours. Sweet baby!