Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bellewood Acres

A couple of weeks ago, on a sunny Saturday, Andrew, Scout, & I took a little excursion to Bellewood Acres.  Bellewood Acres is a delightful place where for absolutely no cost you can take a tractor-train tour of their expansive apple orchards; sample apples, apple cider, apple pie, honey roasted peanut butter, fancy cheese; look at homemade gifts; or ride wooden rocking horses.  If you are willing to spend a little money you can try their apple cider donuts, apple flowers (sliced apple with carmel drizzled over the top), pick pumpkins, or buy all manner of apple products.  Because the weather was so nice, it was quite crowded and hard to try the samples (sad, they're my favorite part!).  We did enjoy a nice ride around the orchard and picked out a few sugar pumpkins to make into baby food and pumpkin butter.  Oh and Scout got to try out another one of her possible Halloween costumes.  What do you think of our little polar bear?
Donning the fuzzy, wuzzy polar bear suit!
Checking out the pumpkins!
Look at those beautiful apple trees!
That's very serious polar bear :)

Then last weekend when Wade & Lynne were up visiting, we went back to Bellewood Acres again to meet up with Dirk & Lisa.  The weather was miserable, so no farm tour this time, but the samples were much more accessible!  We also bought some apple cider donuts, Dirk & Lisa bought an apple pie, Wade & Lynne bought some apples, and Scout & I rode the wooden rocking horse.  She also tried out her third and final option of Halloween costumes.  Doesn't she make a cute teddy bear?
Fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear
Riding the wooden goat!

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