Thursday, October 27, 2011


I like to be organized. And make lists. All the time.  My brain is too crazy busy all over the place to manage any other way. I don't function without lists to keep track of things and prioritize.  Somehow, I've made Andrew come to rely on them too. It wouldn't have been unusual to find a few pads of paper lying around with ongoing lists that we would add to throughout the day. You know: the to-do list, the grocery list, the Costco list, that kind of thing. Well the pads of paper everywhere were starting to add to the clutter of our small home. So we decided to make our lists a decorating statement. With a little bit of chalkboard paint (4 coats or so actually), some fancy trim, and a little bit of our leftover red from the living room; we were able to make one good looking to do list. And trust me, it gets put to use. CIMG0533 CIMG0532 CIMG0570

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Robin said...

My friend Megan has chalkboard walls throughout the majority of her kitchen. She draws calendars, chickens, and all sorts of other notes on them. Very cool idea to frame yours!