Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We have no Halloween plans this year.  We were lazy and didn't feel like taking Scout downtown over the weekend to the kids trick or treating or the rumpus at Time In Play, and I have to work tonight, so no joining in the festivities on actual Halloween.  It would have been more for us than for her this year anyway.  Our Halloween fun was limited to taking her to Farmer's Market downtown on Saturday where we saw a few people dressed up, and dressing her in various costumes and blaming it on Halloween. You vote:  A)Pirate, B) Teddy Bear, C) Polar Bear, D) It's impossible to choose because she's pretty dang cute in all of them.

P.S. The Teddy Bear and the Polar Bear costumes will be used all winter long. And I wouldn't be surprised if the pirate continues to make an appearance on occasion as well :)

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