Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm thinking

I started a blog because I like to write and I wanted a place to record our lives.  I used to have glamorous ambitions of writing something to be published, like actually printed.  Not just hitting the publish button on blogger.  Now I'm just satisfied if I can convey a coherent thought without getting distracted or without too many typos (I hope your checking mom!)  But, despite my scattered, very full brain, I still get that urge to write down my thoughts.  I think it helps me organize all the floating ideas and thoughts.  You don't have to read it, I hit "publish" for me, not for you.

I realized today that I am loving breastfeeding right now.  I actually have lots of nursing thoughts floating around my head.  How I felt before we started, the hard parts, and where we are now...what I will and won't do.  I want to write a whole post about that weird?  Or is it weird that I know that I pumped 28 ounces today?  Off the top of my head because I keep track without meaning too?  Also, how much milk does a cow or a goat produce a day?  Where do humans rank in there?

Andrew and I are both reading Harry Potter.  And by that I mean rereading for the umpteenth time.  That Scary Snotter is a comforting, engaging world for tired, busy minds to escape to.  I like rereading books more than I like finding a new book.  And yes, I read the ends of books first.  If your interested, I will tell you why.  I've had to defend this practice many times.

Andrew is busy this week with rehearsals and shows for a musical he is playing in.  So I've had more time to myself in the evenings than usual.  Which means I get to pick the music and not worry about what he likes.  And I always pick the same album.  I bet you that he could name it too because about a month ago I started picking it all of the time.  Then he told me I would wear it out and so I only listened to it when he wasn't around.  I still love it and this is 5 days of listening to it in a row plus all of the previous listening time.

There are three kids at school that are always running to their classes. Like dodging people, rushing around corners, jumping over bags RUNNING to class.  I'm constantly telling them to walk and that they won't get there any faster if they trip and fall and have to go to the nurse's office.  Do you think this is how those crazy drivers who always have to pass the person in front of them start out?

My life is good.  Like bursting at the seams, too good to be true, something bad has to happen soon kind of good.  I'm always saying that my goal in life is to enjoy where I am right now and not be wishing for the next phase to start or missing some opportunity that passed me by.  I'm not finding that hard right now because things are so wonderfully good.  My job is crazy busy, but the kids are awesome and I do well with stress (and I'm getting good at leaving it at work without feeling guilty!).  I have an awesome husband who takes care of my amazingly interesting and always changing daughter everyday.  And takes care of things around the house so I don't come home and feel like I HAVE to do housework.  I'm getting to teach at a university, something I didn't think would happen until way down the line.  I love our house and that it's ours, despite all of it's little problems.  Our budget is tight, but we are managing.  Things are just all around GOOD and we are happy.  I could go on and on forever, but that may sound like bragging to anyone who is still reading this.

Maybe I will start that post about nursing.

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Love, Chelsea said...

This post made me really happy. I feel this way a lot.