Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just checking in, taking a minute to think about how the last week has been and what we have coming up!  And literally, I'm writing this in about 5 minutes.  I don't feel like I have much time to spare today, even while I'm pumping!  My favorite part of this last week:  spending the whole weekend, at home, with Scout.
Scout in her Moby wrap.  She spent a great deal of time like this over the weekend, hanging out with me and watching my every move.
These two posts about being a mom of a young baby (even though I'm not the one who stays home with her!) stole my thoughts.  Really, I can't say it better than these people.  So just read these posts to know what I'm thinking about. From summer harms and The Curly Cues.

Andrew and I survived (barely!) a long Monday yesterday with me working both jobs, him taking Scout to get shots, then having an evening rehearsal.  We had to get Mary to babysit for us while we worked last night, thankfully Scout slept the entire time.  I'm feeling a little tired and frazzled today though after not getting to bed until 11 two nights in a row and getting up at 5.  Looking forward to this evening and getting to sit and breathe for a little bit.  Maybe a bath is in order.

We had a nice dinner with friends from Seattle on Saturday night (made some of our new favorite recipes that I will share later!) and other friends over for breakfast on Sunday. Having people over for meals is one of my favorite social activities. Saves us money because we aren't eating out and we can let Scout sleep, play, eat, or squak as she needs too.

Other than the two previously mentioned social events, I spent this weekend at home. Andrew had quite a few rehearsals, which left me and Scout lots of time at home alone. It was fun to get to be housewife for the weekend. I haven't had much time lately just to play with my baby and do small chores around the house. Scout spent some of the time each day in the moby wrap, watching me do small house chores. She is such a watcher, paying attention to everything around her.

Our apples are all coming ripe, I am planning on starting making applesauce and apple butter this week; I have a feeling I will be making a lot of apple products for a little while!

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