Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Notice that I switched my Today post from Tuesday mornings to Wednesday mornings?  My hope is that I will be a little bit more happy and cheerful (meaning awake) when I'm writing.  This morning looks like this:
Fwd: sunrise
Thinking about this past week:

On Saturday Wade & Lynne came up to see Scout.  And us...and I suppose Lynne wanted her birthday presents.  But I think Scout was the main attraction.  We spent the morning eating Andrew's homemade cinnamon rolls and the afternoon visiting Bellewood Acres and eating apple pie at Dirk & Lisa's.  Delightful.  Andrew and I even got to sit in Dirk & Lisa's hot tub.  It was like a mini-vacation, someday we will have one of our own!

Scout has been eating like the milk's going to disappear.  As in drinking 3 or more ounces after her evening nursings before bed.  She even stooped so low as to take a bottle from me after I nursed her yesterday evening (Andrew was gone).  If I think too much about it I can get all stressed out, worrying if I will be able to keep up with her or if we will have to start supplementing.  But then I remind myself that all I can do is do the best I can and what will happen will happen.

I signed my contract for teaching at Western next quarter and Andrew got another trumpet student.  Woohoo for more income!

We are still gathering apples, setting aside the good ones for eating and storing, and making applesauce with all of the others. 6 more pints of applesauce processed last night, it was tasty!

We joined a barter group on facebook, and "traded" with the friends who invited us!  They had 80 plus lbs of wine grapes, but no equipment or experience.  We had the equipment and some experience.  So we shared and there are now about 10 gallons of wine fermenting in the kitchen.  That is the biggest batch we have ever done!  More pictures and updates on this later, but it was a lot of fun!

It's been cold and clear here and Andrew's been starting a fire every morning to warm the house up.  I love the smell of the woodburning stove.  I'm not so sure that Andrew loves fussing with the fire or chopping wood, but as we have the wood already, it's cheaper than turning on our heater.

Speaking of fun things that Andrew gets to deal with...our kitchen sink keeps clogging up.  Even after repeated uses of chemicals and "the snake".  He will get the clog cleared up, it will run great for a few hours, and then it starts backing up again.  Right now it's been good for about 48 hours, so we are crossing our fingers it stays that way, calling a plumber is no fun.

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