Thursday, October 13, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduling posting to announce...

...that Miss Scout learned to roll over yesterday!  She has been occasionally flopping from stomach to back during tummy time since she was a couple of weeks old.  But this was different, it was intentional (somewhat) from back to front and back again.  And she did it during our few hours in the evening so I didn't feel like I missed it!  Andrew's got the job of catching it on video today, so the proof is coming soon!

Here's how it happened: 
I put her in bed for the 4ish nap attempt that rarely happens but we try any way because she otherwise she get a little bit edgy by bedtime.  I laid her on her back, told I loved her, and walked out the door.  After our allotted "work it out" time, I went back in to soothe her....and she was lying face down yelling at the mattress!  I scooped her up and went to tell dad.

After she was all calm and snuggly and happy again, we tried the nap again.  Same thing, this time I didn't make her wait the entire "work it out" time though.   After scooping her up from her self imposed face plant and soothing her once again, I put her back in bed to try that nap one more time.  This time Andrew and I watched from the edge of her room where she couldn't see us and we could see she was using her feet to flip her over, but she was only getting to her side while we were watching. 

Nap time obviously wasn't happening, so I got her back up, laid her on her back in the middle of the living room and told her to roll over.  Nothing, not even an attempt.  We hung out like for about an hour.  She was happy, chatty, and eventually got really really close a few times.  Then she started to get her very tired face on and the whining appeared.  Andrew said I was torturing her by making her stay up until she rolled over.

So I conceded that I might not be there the first time we saw her roll over and went to get her ready for bed.  Diaper change cheered her up, like always, and she was wiggling and smiling and flipping all over the changing pad.  Instead of zipping her up into her woombie right away, I brought her back to the living room and told her to give it one last try before she had to go to bed so that I could see it.  In less than 5 minutes, she had flipped from her back to her stomach, fussed there for a minute, and then went back again!   I don't think she loved it, but we cheered for her and then she was happily rewarded by nursing herself to sleep, her favorite time of the day.

Thank you Scout for saving that milestone to share while both of us could be there!  Andrew might have an interesting time with naps today!

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Kimball Family said...

Go Scout! Now you just need to get her walking so she and Levi can play at Christmas. :)