Saturday, November 5, 2011

2009 Scrapbook Slideshow

Once I finally finished all of the scrapbooking from 2009, I was able to order my finished photobook. I ordered it from Shutterfly because I had a coupon; definitely worth waiting to order it until a coupon came along because it still ended up costing 70ish dollars by the time I paid for shipping and taxes and all of the extra pages. I was really nervous to see how it would turn out, all of the time and money invested....but it turned out exactly like I hoped it would! It is so nice to have a durable finished product to share all of our pictures and memories with people. A nice feature of My Memories Suite (the program I use for digital scrapbooking) is that you can turn your finished pages into a slideshow and add music. I can't quite picture the circumstances where we would want to watch the slideshow...but maybe something will come along. It's easy enough to do that it's worth having and putting in with our home movies. For those of you who have 10 minutes to spare and just love seeing all aspects of our lives...I thought I'd post it here. Goodbye 2009!

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Anonymous said...

great job!!! LOVED it!!