Thursday, November 3, 2011

4 months!

_MG_1436 I know it's cliche, but part of me can't believe she is already 4 months old...and part of me feels like she has been a part of our lives forever.  Andrew took these pensive - meaning slightly cranky and uncooperative - photos of Scout on Monday, so they are very recent. _MG_1431
When I look at her, I think she has blue eyes, but her eyes look slightly greenish to me in these pictures. Do you see it? Her personality is changing and developing quickly. She is definitely becoming her own person and learning to communicate more and more everyday. _MG_1427
Some tidbits about Scout:
  • She is starting to jabber more and more.  Frequently in the morning when she wakes up while I am getting ready for work, she just lays in bed and talks to herself.  Sometimes she will talk to herself when we put her to bed too.
  • She tries to mimic the sounds we make, sometimes she gets pretty close and it is really fun to hear. Just in the last few days, she has started blowing raspberries at us.  Cute, but slobbery.
  • She has been waking up 2-3 times a night, meaning between 6pm and 8am.  Which isn't's good actually.  It's just that it's at 12am 330am and then around 6am.  And I'm supposed to be sleeping from 9pm to 5am.  No more sleeping 14 hours straight for her.
  • She rolls easily back and forth now.  She doesn't get near as frustrated when she is on her stomach and actually seems to enjoy looking around from that perspective.
  • She sleeps on her stomach.  Usually, she inches her way up to a corner of the crib and shoves her face up in the bumpers so she can suck on the fabric.  It's really hygenic.
  • Speaking of sucking, she does not like binkies...but she loves sucking on her hands or anything cloth.  I'm telling you, she's got her own personality.
  • She loves her jumper, her playmat, and sitting in her bumbo watching what's going on around her.  She is becoming much more independent and able to entertain herself.
  • She likes you to sing to her.  She gets sung to before taking a nap or going to bed at night.
  • She is starting to get interested in food.  We aren't "feeding" her yet, but we have given her a few tastes on our fingers, and she starts sucking frantically at the new flavor.  It's pretty cute.
  • She still hates people "swooping" in and wanting to hold her.  If people will schmooze up to her while she is in the safety of our arms, and if she can watch them for a while first, she will usually warm up to them and let them hold her.  Usually :)
We love our goofy girl!

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