Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book Mania

home library
Picture of a Home Library from Book Mania
I love books. I love reading, but I also love owning the books and seeing them on the shelf and thinking about reading them. I love holding a book in my hand. I love ratty, torn up well loved paperback and I love fancy leather-bound hardbacks with gilded edges. I love books with crisp new pages and I love the books that were my grandpa's when he was little. When I was little, I used to love watching the part in Beauty and the Beast where the Beast gives Belle the library. I always wanted a library like that. Now I'm content with our system of finding places all over the house to store and display books. But I still like to look at libraries and shelves of books. Andrew sent me the link to Book Mania, an awesome website devoted to "cultivating love and passion for reading". I especially love the sections on libraries, shelves, and bookshops. So many amazing pictures.

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